Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Gold Cadillac, Pensacola FL 10/2007 from the series AUTOMATIC
All reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner

I had been thinking about our National Guard. There had just been a small piece in the Times-Picayune about Louisiana National Guardsmen actually getting to guard (patrol) something in Louisiana, the French Quarter. Everyone has been thankful to have them around! Close to 300 of the guard have been supplementing (the under manned ) New Orleans police force since Katrina.

Enter British “political terrorist artist” Banksy. Banksy has spread his graffiti images on numerous building facades throughout New Orleans. Its clever, cunning, and thought provoking but there is one problem. The image Banksy did portraying Guardsmen as looters is inaccurate , unfair and unappreciated!

Had Banksy done one depicting a few rogue New Orleans police officers hot wiring a brand new Cadillac? Now that is another story (and picture), and one that would be clever , cunning , thought provoking and accurate!


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