Thursday, August 14, 2008


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La. foreclosures nearly four times less than national average

One out of every 1,799 Louisiana households faced foreclosure in July, almost four times less than the U.S. average of one foreclosure filing for every 464 households. Louisiana ranked 39th out of all states and the District of Columbia for foreclosures, according to the monthly RealtyTrac report. The low ranking came after RealtyTrac says it changed its data collection for the state, a move that showed an 83% jump in the number of filings since July 2007. The foreclosure rates in the Capital Region were even lower than the state average: There was one filing for every 3,122 homes in East Baton Rouge Parish, and one per every 38,163 homes in Ascension and Livingston parishes. Orleans Parish had the highest foreclosure rate in the state, with one filing for every 424 households.*
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