Friday, October 24, 2008

BANKSY gets Radtke(D) in New Orleans

GRAFFITI - Canal Street , New Orleans 2005 from FALLEN PARADISE
All reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner
Fred Radtke is known around New Orleans as the "Gray Ghost" , because he goes around the city painting over any and all graffiti with gray paint. I am not a fan of Radtke, I don't beleive two wrongs make a right. Neither am I a fan of graffiti. Why? Its like driving in my car with all the windows rolled down with the stereo blaring, thus forcing my taste in music on everyone in ear shot! Graffiti, to me, is the visual equivalent!
The irony here though is that Banksy is an internationally acclaimed artist. Banksy's works, at least the ones you can take off the wall and bring home, sell for a great deal of money! After I had recently reported on Banksy's work on New Orleans buildings, I wondered what a derelict house is now worth , with a Banksy painting on it?
Well it sounds like the Gray Ghost, Fred Radtke doesn't care? I understand he has blotted out Banksy graffiti with his gray paint! I think if I owned a Banksy(d) building, I might be upset.
more on Radtke:


Anonymous Editilla said...

I much prefer graffiti over Billboard Advertisements all over the sky. Now THAT is blaring, glaring, and scaring.
Fred isn't simply an asshole but an armed psychopath. I have met him. He is violent in his language, mannerisms and intent. This whole ambivalence surrounding the failure to arrest this man reminds me of Germany pre-Kristallnacht. Really. The cops back then turned a wink and blink to the brown-shirts as they became more bold on the sidewalks and streets. Then...PIYOW-Night of Broken Glass! Fred is just like them. Mean. Violent. Illegal. Accepted. Anti-Creativity. Bad.
Have you ever read "The Never Ending Story"?

6:43 PM  
Blogger William Greiner said...

I was listening to Spud McConnels radio show yesterday, which spurred me to comment! I do not really like billboard advertising either, but it is legal! Its also been around since before I was born , so I have never given it much thought. I am sure there are lots of people born after the birth of graffiti , who feel the same way about it? Now, I have heard some really bad things about Radtke, and if he has broken the law, he should be prosecuted, whether its for violent acts or acts of vandalism, which is what I consider he is doing by blotting out graffiti on private property without the owners permission or approval! Thanks for your comments.

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Editilla said...

William, you know I like your work and blog. Please don't think I am getting pissy on you here.

For me the Difference between bill boards in my face and Graffiti is that Graffiti is a much Older Profession if you get my drift.
Bill boards are to Graffiti what Hookers are to Profits (pun intended).

Fred failed All those Rorschach Tests. He does not like light bulb jokes and he threatened me when I walked by on the sidewalk and asked why he was doing his thing on my friend's business. I asked my friend about it later and they said they did not want to get involved with NOPD over Fred. Huh? I asked again? They it is not worth the attention? What?
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
That is all I'm saying.
Fred may be a chromosome shy of a Real Marine but he is sanctioned by the City and its Police.

And don't get me started about ugly concrete embankments.

Trust me... my hero Spud would kick Fred all over the play ground and make him like it!

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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