Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fee Feye Foe Fum why pay another one!

BAFFLE RING $2.00 SHAFT .75 cents , New Orleans 2005
All reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner
If an arts organization, and I use that term loosely, cannot fund an exhibition.......they should not be trying to mount one? Obviously , the days of sending slides and a sase , has been replaced with send a cd and a Fee!
And I am not referring to any organization specifically! This trend is one of many I have noticed, which I think is a result of a maturing medium (photography) and the growing legend of it's practitioners!


Blogger Jacksonism said...

Amen, brother! Don't forget 'contests' and 'portfolio reviews', which are the best scams going right now. And they're totally legal.

6:30 PM  
Blogger William Greiner said...

Earlier in my career , I attended Fotofest in Houston , and the experience was a valuable one! I met great friends and made contacts with many museum curators and gallery directors.

7:19 AM  

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