Monday, April 02, 2007

A Series of Unfortunate Events*

Empty For Sale sign, New Orleans 3/2007
copyright Wm. Greiner

Two trade associations that would have brought nearly 6,000 people to New Orleans have canceled meetings scheduled more than 2 years from now, saying members are worried about crime and the city’s problems recovering from Hurrican Katrina.

The National Ground Water Association and the Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distribution Association both had conventions scheduled in late 2009.

Excerpt from 2 groups cencel meetings in N.O. by The associated Press/The Advocate 3/31/2007

These unfortunate decisions make me wonder - Do these people come from some community that is completely crime free? If so, please let me know where this idyllic town is located!

And do these people realize that the life blood of this great, but forgotten, American city is counting on the return of the tourist/convention trade for survival?

*A Series of Unfortunate Events is a children's book series, written by Daniel Handler under the pseudonym of Lemony Snicket .


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