Thursday, August 22, 2013

JOE HARTLAUB "A Good Look at Dead Jimmy"

"A Good Look at Dead Jimmy"
All reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner, Joe Hartlaub, and UL Press.

A Good Look at Dead Jimmy


Joe Hartlaub*

There's nothing like the sight of a dead body, Doug Woolfolk thought, to make you want to hit the reset button.

Little things make a difference. Order dinner delivered to your hotel room, instead of venturing out, even if it's your first night in New Orleans after driving all day from Ohio. Walk out of your hotel and turn left instead of right. Eat dinner at the fourth place you see instead of the third, the one with the "Help Wanted" and "Cash Only" signs on the door. Don't flirt with your waitress, even if she flirts with you first. And if you do flirt with your waitress, don't ask her out for a drink when her shift is over, not even if her body........"

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