Monday, October 10, 2011


Burt Finger with Cellular Phone Capture, Dallas TX 2011
All reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner



October 15 - November 12, 2011

Opening Reception October 15, 2011 5-8pm

Pictures of Me features portraits of Burt Finger, Director of PDNB Gallery in Dallas, Texas. This seminal exhibition will celebrate the life and times of Burt.

Pictures of Me is a groundbreaking exhibition that exposes a new realm for gallery directors and bridges the gap between the business aspect of art (gallery) and the creative (artist). Burt has radically reinvented the gallery world and created over 150 exhibitions in the last 16 years. Besides being a Gallery Director, he has also been a salesman, a U.S. Army officer combat veteran, private detective, photographer, owner of a construction company, a vintage watch dealer, fashion model, a minister, and passionate collector of almost everything.

It is important that you know who Burt is. Aside from his movie star good looks and James Bond charm, Burt remains a regular guy. Burt has many good attributes. He is very passionate, brave, wise, and complex. He is also a visionary who is able to predict trends before they happen and has been known to have ESP.

Many artists have asked to be included in this landmark exhibition. However, the exhibition was limited to only the very best portraits of Burt. Artists include:

Stuart Allen, Xavier Canonne, Karina Cedillo, Stewart Cohen, John Fulbright, Paul Greenberg, William Greiner, Misty Keasler, George Krause, Jim Mahoney, Jim Murray, Don Netzer, Esteban Pastorino Diaz, Al Satterwhite, Don Schol, Jeffrey Silverthorne, Gene Tanski and several more. Also included are photographs from Burt's family photograph archive.

PDNB Gallery

1202 Dragon Street, Ste. 103

Dallas, Texas 75207



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