Monday, September 19, 2011


Parking Lot, Baton Rouge LA 2009 from Land's End
All reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner

Lucy drove thru this parking lot all the time, almost weekly, visiting Lowe’s, Pets r Us and the Walmart. She had been driving for 60 years, a span of time which included owning 12 different cars, involvement in 4 auto accidents (1 serious and none her fault), 6 speeding tickets and 100’s of parking tickets. Lucy always wanted convenience and parking illegally, although not cheap, was convenient.

All in all, she was a good driver. Her kid’s, all middle aged adults, wanted Lucy to stop driving. Her eyes were not that good and seeing at night had become difficult. However, Lucy liked her independence, liked the fact she relied on no one to take her grocery shopping or to buy her pet supplies. Yet today, she found herself lost in a familiar place. Today she found herself at a de-facto dead end, with nowhere to go but backwards. She realized she was lost, dazed and confused. Lucy knew it was the end of the road.


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