Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Losing Diane

Diane on vacation, circa 2005 from the series CRUISE
All reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner

Diane was my mother's much younger step sister.
I was always close to her but as executor of my mother's estate, she lost i.e. “stole” millions of dollars. We sued her and her defense was temporary insanity, because at the time she was trying to quit smoking and she was taking some experimental smoking cessation medicine.

It went to trial and the judge found her guilty. She was placed in a mental facility outside of Baton Rouge, La. As I said, I was always close to her so even though she betrayed me, I would go visit her at the hospital. The hospital looked like some small suburban Baptist college campus. If it had had tennis courts, I could have seen myself residing there.

In any case, when I would go visit her, she would talk on incessantly about nothing. She appeared to be playing the part of crazy very well. Diane was there for about a

year and one day she disappeared into thin air. They still have not found Diane.


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