Monday, March 29, 2010

What Happened in Vegas (Part 2)

We're Open, Las Vegas NV 1990
Red Motel Chairs, Las Vegas NV 1990
The Algiers Hotel, Las Vegas NV 1990
Peter Pan Motel, Las Vegas NV 1990
Passport Picture, Las Vegas NV 1990
Landscaped Parking Lot, Las Vegas NV 1990
Free Slot, Las Vegas NV 1990
American Flag and Refrigerator, Las Vegas NV 1990

In 1990, I was single and I got invited to a big party in Las Vegas. This was before the term "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" was coined. I went out with the expectation it would be a wild time and a great party. I made some pictures and.........

So, my friend David and I had flown in from New Orleans for this party. It turned out to be an eclectic group that seem to lack any connection or energy. We did some gambling and some partying, if you could call it that but by most standards it was mild. At least that is my recollection some twenty years later.

David and I did decide to have a little adventure. We rented a Suzuki convertible jeep from some cut rate car rental place. We drove up into the mountains and found this remote place and had lunch. This is where the "cut rate rental" place came into play.

The jeep, as we were not paying attention was given to us with very little gas in it. We are now on top of this mountain with no gas or gas station, so we literally coasted all the way back into Vegas.

I did not like Las Vegas. There was cigarette smoke everywhere and the thought of losing what money I did have gambling made me sick. Thankfully I made some photographs, which was the best part of being there. I left a day early and I have never returned.

All reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner


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