Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Newspaper Cover, Baton Rouge LA 2010
All reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner

In the 44th Super Bowl, in our 44th year , with 44 seconds on the clock, we knew.

The players made it a mission to play for a community and not just themselves.

Our coach took money out of his own pocket to bring in the best assistant coach.

We took a quarterback no one else wanted because he had been injured.

We have a group of fans , who belong to another nation and it’s United!

And when we lost three in a row, Who Dat Nation still believed!

2,000 men wore dresses to remember and celebrate a die hard voice.

87% of the televisions in New Orleans were tuned in and on.

When we won , you could hear it for miles and grown men cried.

There will be a parade like only New Orleans can do it!

And not one car was overturned or burned in “celebration”.

That’s how we roll!