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Light Leak, Baton Rouge La 2009
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Some accidents can be beautiful but most are not!

My old friend Billy Schell , drummer for the NOLA band Boondoggles , just posted a very sad story about his mailman of over twenty years.

"As you may or may not know, Roy Rondeno was in a terrible accident on Saturday. While sorting the mail from the back of his van Roy was hit by another car. His legs were crushed. I am so thankful that he survived this terrible accident but after hearing Roy's story you will understand why he and his family are going to need a lot of help in the upcoming months and years. Roy was my neighborhood mailman. He is also a friend.I met Roy about 20 years ago when he was delivering the mail to my home. He is a fantastic person. We always talked sports...the status of our New Orlean's Saints, in particular! We discussed the upcoming year and whether or not it could be "THE SEASON" to reach the Super Bowl, both of us consistently filled with high hopes! About 5 years ago, I moved to a home just outside of Roy’s route. I would see him occasionally and would honk and wave. He would always flash that big smile that would brighten my day! I'm so grateful that Roy is alive and I have decided to start a small contribution fund for him and his recovery. My family and I want to see Roy's smile again very soon. Please click on this link to read Roy's story. This is the perfect opportunity for all of us to give back to a great person. (A person that has given so much to me as well as everyone that he crosses paths with on a daily basis.)I have decided to donate $10 for every Nola Shirt and $5 for every Nola Hat sold through the end of the year to Roy!"

If you are interested in supporting Roy Rondeno's cause...

any Billy at..504-494-3313

The full story:
WWLTV New Orleans, Louisiana News - New Orleans area news.


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