Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Mattress with Cigarette Burns, Baton Rouge, LA 12/2007 from Baton Rouge Blues
All reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner
I heard a story on NPR the other day that made me want to cry! Without affordable housing in New Orleans, many people are being forced to sleep on the streets! One man interviewed, a working man, who sounded quite articulate and responsible had no place to sleep! The story:
Katrina & Recovery
Move-Out Date Looms for New Orleans' Homeless
by Joseph Shapiro

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All Things Considered, December 10, 2007 · Since Hurricane Katrina, the number of homeless people living in New Orleans has doubled. Many are people who had a place to live before the storm. But many of them were just barely getting by — and were dealing with physical and mental disabilities. Now, they cannot afford the price of housing.

On Tuesday, the state is planning to begin building a fence around a city park that has become an encampment for homeless people. They'll have until Dec. 21 to move out, and that may not be enough time for groups that help the homeless to find them permanent housing.


Blogger New Orleans News Ladder said...

Hi. I like your photography and thank you for keeping the light on this second man-made disaster about to descend on New Orleans.

When your take a photo of someone, in public anonymously, as it seems with the elderly couple on the dock, and publish it publicly, what rights do you reserve for the reproduction of those peoples' image? My interest is more than academic as I never want to publish a photo or article etc onto the Ladder without permission and alway try to ask when the situation warrants.

You can find my email in the profile. Please check out the NO News Ladder. I hope you enjoy it. We are all over this housing issue.

Thanks again,
editor / NO News Ladder

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