Tuesday, October 24, 2006

When Photographers Paint

Ralston Crawford
Turbine Shafts, Coulee Dam #2, 1971
Oil on canvas , 20" x 30"

William Christenberry
Tenant House V 1964
Oil on canvas, 54" x 66"

William Eggleston
Richard Strauss DAPHNE
Colored felt pen on paper, 7" x 7"

William Greiner
The River Runs Upsteam at Night 2006
Acrylic on panel, 5' x 6'6"

When Photographers Paint

I am sure there are quite a few examples of photographers who have also painted, but my favorite has to be Ralston Crawford. Crawford was an incredible photographer, making some of the best New Orleans Jazz funeral pictures I have ever seen and he also worked as a print maker with equal success. His Modernist paintings however rival these other mediums in terms of success!

William Christenberry was painting before he ever picked up a camera, also making some incredible works on canvas. In recent years, William Eggleston has experimented with colored pen and paper.

I began thinking about this after reading Alec Soth’s blog in regards to photographer/filmmakers. I too painted years ago, before starting to make photographs. I recently had the opportunity to make a painting for dear friends in London and the experience made me want to continue!


Blogger harold hollingsworth said...

As it all stimulates, and feeds each part I have as a painter recently picked up the camera. Anything that keeps the eye sharp is a good thing to have and work with. I went to school in a time where photography impacted painting so enormously, it's funny that just now I'm relating to both in such an even manner. Nice post, been enjoying the Soth blog as well.

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