Monday, October 23, 2006

Smell the Roses

Lone Rose Bush, New Orleans 4/2006
all reproduction rights reserved William Greiner

Chris Rose , a columnist for the Times - Picayune in New Orleans, who so gallantly wrote about hurricane Katrina and its aftermath , confessed yesterday in his column the depression he suffered after the storm. It was also recently reported that another T-P staffer, photographer John McCusker , attempted to have the police shoot him after a short car chase in an effort to commit suicide. McCusker also covered the hurricane and its aftermath with great valor. And only days ago, it was reported that a young couple , who braved the storm and stayed to rebuild the city had died in a gruesome murder-suicide.

I wonder , and worry, about the long term mental health of all those who endured and continue to endure the pain and hardship of rebuilding New Orleans.


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