Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Sid Kaplan Acting Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Resource Management; Acting Chief Financial OfficerTerm of Appointment: 06/01/2005 to 02/20/2006
Sid Kaplan portrait by Howard Christopherson
Ralston Crawford's Funeral, New Orleans , May 4, 1978
photograph by Sid Kaplan

I had just blogged about Ralston Crawfords’ work , stating Crawford made some great New Orleans jazz funerary photographs. In the mail , from Deborah Bell (Photographs) , I received a catalog of the work of Sid Kaplan , whose work I was not familiar. I Googled Sid and found two photographs, of obviously not the same Sid, but very similar looking guys - one serving in the Federal Government and the other, the photographer?

In any case, Kaplan’s work included a great New Orleans image of Ralston Crawford’s Jazz Funeral procession. There is no point to this, except to say , Sid has a look a like in government, he made some great pictures including the Crawford image , and my mind wanders like this all the time!


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