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Port of Miami at Night from Deck 12/2008 from the series CRUISE
All reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner

When I was a child , my parents traveled a great deal. They often took me with them but many times they did not. There was one occasion when they left my sister and I at home with our Aunt B and they went on a cruise. 

While they were away, we all sat around the television one night and watched a dramatic film about a cruise ship which had an accident. The ship was sinking. The husband was trying to save his wife , who was trapped in their cabin under a piece of steel or something. 

We were very scared because we thought, oh, this could happen to our parents! Well it didn't and in later years we had the opportunity to go on some cruises with them. I had long forgotten about that film until now.

My family and I went on a Christmas cruise with my parents a few year ago, to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. It was great and special. My mother died two years later.

This year we went on another, with just my father, but it wasn't the same without her. It was because of them , I started the series CRUISE, but I think the cruising and the series for me is over?

It was the last voyage.

*The Last Voyage (1960) , written and directed by Andrew L. Stone. Starring Robert Stack and  Dorothy Malone. 


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