Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Bottles and Cans , Lakeview/New Orleans 9/2006
all reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner

The Louisiana Recovery Authority says that about 78%* of debris removal has been completed.
What does that mean?

50 million cubic yards of trash has been picked up from roadways and curbs.
30,000 flood or storm damaged structures have been identified for removal.
100% of “green waste” has been recycled.
1 million “ white goods”, I.e. refrigerators , freezers and stoves have been collected.
250,000 small engines have been recycled
600,000 electronic devices have been recycled
350,000 automobiles and 60,000 boats have been picked up.
20 million pounds of hazardous materials has been safely disposed.
And 65,000 pounds of explosives has been collected.

* FEMA Oks $14 million to set up new code, by Joe Gyan Jr., The Advocate 3/6/2007


Blogger harlan erskine said...

So, now it begs the question: where did it all go?

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