Friday, December 15, 2006


Blue Heart, Houma LA 1989 from the monograph The Reposed LSU Press

Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Born and raised in New Orleans, it was reported* yesterday that Sylvester Major Jr. died of a heart attack. Mr. Major is not considered a victim or statistic of hurricane Katrina , but family and friends all say that he died of a broken heart. After surviving the flood waters in his home , days afterwards at the Superdome shelter and then evacuation to another city , Mr. Major it seems had endured enough. Major’s brother, Ellis, was quoted as saying, “Being away from most things we love, the people we’re use to…it had to take a toll on him”. “He just didn’t have the will to go on. He lost his spark”.

I have wondered and worried about all the other Sylvester Majors out there, who are still alive but live with broken hearts?

*The Advocate, “Families blame Katrina for Deaths” by Michelle Roberts 12/14/06


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