Monday, October 24, 2005

Teammates for life....

Dennis and I met when we were racing bicycles together almost 15 years ago. Dennis was fast and I had led him out a few times, once leading him to victory. This time he led me out of the Bonnie Carre Spillway when my car died on I-10 trying to get it out of New Orleans a few weeks after the storm. The fear by this time had left our eyes, we were now just exhausted.


Blogger redrockET said...

William, I like your new blog. what is a blog... blob blah blow blue blur bleep it is too late and it does not matter now... just find a new spot and take some more pics... life is more than place... is just is. so get on with it... you like to take pics and we like to see your pics... they are pieces of life, just like where we are or aren't...

redROCKet, the royale/kart/breadvaner friend

9:19 PM  

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