Thursday, July 12, 2007


Tattered American Flag, Baton Rouge LA 7/2007 from Baton Rouge Blues
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Forbes ranks best states for business; La. one ups W.Va.

The good news: Louisiana climbed in Forbes' rankings of best states for business. The not-so-good news: The move was from 50 to 49 (thanks, West Virginia). "What the rankings show once again is Louisiana ranks much worse as a state than Baton Rouge does as a city or region," says Stephen Moret, CEO of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber.

Louisiana ranked 22nd in business costs, 50th in labor, 41st in regulatory environment, 43rd in economic climate, 45th in growth prospects and 49th in quality of life. Moret says the signing of House Bill 505, which eliminates the unorthodox sales tax on business utilities and natural gas, would have an immediate positive effect on several of the categories. "That's something that literally the governor could do today," he says.

For the full rankings and explanation of the categories, click here. --Seth Fox
The Baton Rouge Business Report 7/12/2007


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