Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Pick-up at Dusk, New Orleans 3/2004
all reproduction rights reserved Wm. Greiner
I remember reading Matt Anderson's by-line as a photographer when I was a kid! He was everywhere. Matt now needs some help, if you have a truck and are in New Orleans.
This from the New Orleans Photo Alliance:
Help for a Senior Member of our Photo Community: This is a call for help for one of the members of the New Orleansphoto community. Many of you know Matt Anderson and his wonderfulphotography. Since Katrina, Matt has been having a difficult timefinding a home for his archive of negatives, prints, and personalitems. He's finally made some progress in finding storage for hispossessions but is facing a deadline of August 15 to move some of thefinal items. He has some physical problems that make it very difficultfor him to move, but to his credit he is soldiering on in spite of it.He has asked us to help by posting on our blog his request for someonewith a pickup, station wagon, or car to assist him with this finalmove. So if there is anyone who has a couple of hours to help a photographer in need, please contact Matt, as soon as you can, at hiscell phone: 504-914-2372 or his email:
Thank you!


Anonymous Tim Walker said...

This is a particularly beautiful photograph for so many reasons which I lack adequate ability to articulate as well as it deserves.

4:21 PM  

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