Friday, September 01, 2006


Collapsed Porch, 9th Ward, New Orleans 8/2006
Vines on Porch Post, 9th ward, New Orleans 8/2006
Wrought Iron Porch Remnants, 9th Ward, New Orleans 8/2006
all reproduction rights reserved William Greiner

Poll indicates people want to move on from Katrina - The blizzard of Hurricane Katrina anniversary coverage was of some interest to Daily Report readers, but many think it's time to move on. According to an on-line survey, 47% of readers say they looked at some of the Katrina coverage, but they were ready to go to another topic. Forty-four percent say "enough already" to the news reports, while nearly 9% say they couldn't get enough of the news. More than 1,250 people responded to the survey.

from The Baton Rouge Daily Business Report 9/1/2006

Yes, I am sure all those folks who lost their homes from the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina would like to just move on? Yes, enough already. Disastor is so much easier to forget especially when viewed from a safe distance?


Blogger Scott said...

I'm part of that nine percent.

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