Tuesday, July 25, 2006

WATERMARKS and what remains

Palm Mural, Tulane Avenue, New Orleans 7/2006
4033 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans 7/2006
Drapery in Store Front, New Orleans 7/2006
Potted Plant, Latin Restaurant, New Orleans 7/2006
Flooded Latin Bar, New Orleans 7/2006

Less than one block from the famed New Orleans Rock n Bowl was a Latin Community of shops which I often stopped to photograph. The 4000 Block of Tulane Avenue remains abandoned, almost one year after Katrina flooded the area. I wonder where did these people go? What are they doing? And will they ever return?

All Reproduction Rights Reserved William Greiner


Blogger Scott said...

Are you talking about the Middle-Aged Latin Dance Club on the corner of Tulane and N. Carolton? That was one of my favorite signs in the city.

It was weird to be in that part of town where everything was destroyed and then walk up those steps to Rock n'Bowl like nothing had ever happened.

9:26 PM  

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