Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Choice of Weapons*

Nikon camera, circa early 1980's

In the Summer of 1982, I was living in the small town of Ville France sur Mer.

I had enrolled in a month long French immersion course, while waiting for the Tour

De France to start. This was my second year to cover the Tour.

The place I shared with two Europeans had been broken into about a week before the tour and all of my equipment was stolen. We filed a police report, but I knew it was gone forever.

It was interesting replacing a whole photojournalist Nikon kit in the South of France. I found replacement cameras and this Nikon was one of them. The 1982 Tour was one of it’s last used as a journalist tool. Subsequently, it’s gotten plenty of use doing all my other work. Unfortunately, the camera has been used , abused and may be near the end of life!

It was my weapon of choice and I now don’t know what to replace it with……..

* 1967 Autobiography by Gordon Parks


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